The 7 Cutest Cafes in The Hague, NL

The Hague’s city centre is a pleasure to explore. Its old streets are flooded with colour and charm. And those streets are populated with some of the cutest cafes in The Hague. One of the most charming aspects of life in The Hague, political capital of The Netherlands, is its healthy focus on social life. Here’s a city of beautiful galleries and museums, of bright and charming bookshops, and some of the cutest cafes around. The Cutest Cafes in The Hague As you stroll, shop, and go museum hopping, it’s easy to relax and recharge, given the sheer number of cute cafes in The Hague. These are the best of them. Most of these are found in the very heart of the city, with just a few located in the city’s quieter neighbourhoods. Amongst these cute cafes in The Hague, you’re bound to find a new favourite place to get lunch and a coffee while enjoying the city’s vibrant charms. Bookstor Cafe Found on the main street of Noordeinde, just a few steps down from the city’s palace, is a cafe that has

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